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Stackabloc has the density required to protect people from the storage of the company’s X-Ray equipment.

ITCL is the market leader in the pipeline inspection market. Offering consultancy services including phased array, eddy current array, tube inspection and ultrasonic inspection.

A recent investment in radiography technology used to identify the integrity of pipelines has meant the business needed to build an inhouse X-Ray Laboratory and Dark Room. Given the time constraints on the project and the density required to safely contain such equipment, Director Mike Dodd tasked a local business Blockwalls to provide a solution.

The Challenge

ITCL are based in a series of industrial units in Ellesmere Port; close to Stanlow Oil Refinery. Their range of inspection techniques and methods test the integrity and material hardness of industrial plant and pipelines.

The use of radiography is an emerging technique which is particularly good at detecting volumetric flaws, including voids, gas pores and solid inclusions. ITCL have taken a strategic decision to invest in specialist equipment and therefore required a dedicated X-Ray Suite and Dark Room to in-house with the sufficient wall density of 750mm in order to contain the X-Ray and Gamma X-Rays when the equipment is in use.

The Solution

Seventy Stackabloc blocks were delivered and installed within a few days of placing the order building a “Concrete block Darkroom” . The area and design of the space were agreed with ITCL; and following a quick calculation, a CAD drawing was produced.

From a health and safety perspective, the Virtabloc wall has provided a solid and reliable solution, creating an effective working environment in next to no time.

Benefits realised by ITCL included;

• Speed of construction
• The cost saving of 24% on materials and labour when compared to a traditional solid wall build
• The density specification met the requirements of the X-Ray manufacturer so it was fit for purpose
• The manufacturing process utilises 87% recycled material which fits with the ITCL ethos and positive attitude towards sustainable solutions

ITCL Director Mike Dodd commented:

“The Blockwalls solution was not only cost effective but delivered the density and speed of construction we needed in order to house the X-Ray equipment.” He added “Clearly we do not fit the typical customer profile for Block Walls however we have proved the versatility of what is essentially a concrete block made from recycled aggregates.”

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